London Regional Flow Cytometry Facility

flow cytometry

Flow cytometry is a technique for the high-throughput examination of microscopic particles in a fluid stream. Flow cytometers allow the simultaneous measurement of multiple physical and/or chemical properties of cells at the single-cell level through the use of fluorescent probes. Flow cytometric cell sorters physically isolate purified populations of such cells with distinct measured characteristics for further experimental analyses.

The London Regional Flow Cytometry Facility (LRFCF) is the only research-based flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting facility in the London and area research community. Located at Robarts Research Institute at Western University, the LRFCF is a full-service multi-user core facility that provides access to specialized flow cytometry equipment, cell sorting services, computers with dedicated flow cytometry analysis software, a comprehensive flow cytometry reference library, and full-time technical expertise for experimental design and troubleshooting. The LRFCF equipment and services are available on a fee-for-use basis to any academic or corporate investigators within the London and area research community whose research programs depend on flow cytometry technologies.

Users are able to access the LRFCF for a wide variety of flow cytometry techniques, including cell sorting, immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, cell proliferation, gene transfer (efficacy and tracking), cell death (i.e. apoptosis), cell kinetics, activation states, redox states, chromosome analysis, and cytokine detection by intracellular staining or cytometric bead array (CBA).

For more information, contact:
LRFCF manager
Kristin Chadwick, PhD