Robarts could be the place to turn your ideas into discoveries. With key strengths in advanced medical imaging, cell biology, genomics, immunology and stem cell biology, our scientists and their skilled staff conduct research on some of the most debilitating diseases of our time: heart disease and stroke, Alzheimer's, cancer, organ failure, diabetes and many others.

Research Technicians/Assistants/Associates, Animal Care Technicians, Computer Programmers, Systems Administrators, Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate Students and many other highly skilled personnel play important roles in our research programs. Our affiliation with the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University and London Health Sciences Centre has also made us an attractive place to conduct research and training.

If you have the dedication, education, training and skills needed to join this dynamic group of researchers, join this exciting team!

To apply for a job

You will be required to follow the application process and procedures at Robarts and/or Western University:

  1. The applicant will have to apply for an available position via an online process.

  2. We suggest that the applicant go to the Working at Western pages under the Human Resources Section to look for any available positions.

  3. Then register on the Western online application system and submit your resume info by following the instructions provided. Please note that you will need to supply an e-mail and password in order to do this.

  4. Therefore, when a job becomes available that suits the applicant’s field of work they can apply accordingly by following the above suggestions.

It is recommended that the applicant check on an ongoing basis as there are always new jobs being posted.