Concussion Research


Scientists at Robarts Research Institute are looking at concussions from every possible angle by bringing the sports arena to the research lab.
Robarts researchers are part of a collaborative effort to improve diagnosis and treatment of concussion. Using state-of-the-art imaging techniques, blood analyses, cognitive testing and clinical assessments, they are evaluating athletes from the Western University women’s rugby team and London bantam-level hockey players to identify concussion biomarkers, establish guidelines for return to play and predict future risk.

Meet the Researchers


Gregory Dekaban, PhD

Arthur Brown, PhD

A group of scientists at Robarts Research Institute and Western University engage in a series of collaborations on concussion research, with efforts focused on seeking solutions to the problems of sports-related concussion. No other institution in Canada or around the world has the broad array of clinical, neuropathological, neuroimaging, neurochemistry, neuropsychological, sports medicine and engineering expertise under a single “roof” that’s required to address the problem of sports-related concussion.

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Robarts researchers have shown that progressive damage from concussion happens as a result of the ongoing inflammatory process initiated with the original impact. The good news is that they have identified strategies that stop this damage, which is driven by inflammation. The strategies also regenerate nerve growth and improve long-term outcomes.
The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) has made a challenge gift of $500,000 to support this innovative concussion research. Learn more about The Concussion Project and how you can get involved.

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Concussion sidelined Natasha's athletic career. Research will help others stay on the field. 

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