Embedding Centre Check List

  1. Make sure the wax is molten and filled up the dispensing reservoir. If it is getting low top up with the “paraplast plus” pellets below the work bench. (note: there may also be regular “paraplast” and this is for the tissue processor only)
  2. Turn the cold plate on.
  3. Turn the work light on.
  4. Select the desired mould according to tissue size.
  5. Dispense a small amount of wax into the mould.
  6. Using the “small cold plate” to manoeuvre your tissue into the bottom of the mould using the hot forceps, making sure that it doesn’t completely solidify before you finish. Once the tissue is orientated put cassette on top and fill up with paraffin.
  7. Transfer to the large cold plate and allow to completely solidify before removing from mould.
  8. To clean up turn off work light, cold plate, but leave the paraffin reservoir on.
  9. Check overflow trays and clean out excess paraffin wax, and any other wax left in or around the area.
  10. Return moulds to the hot storage chamber once cleaned.