To schedule a training session please contact Caroline or call the lab (Ext.24407)

Please come prepared for your training session. You will need to bring your own supplies (blades, gloves, slides, etc.) You can order blades from Fisher Scientific (or VWR). You will also need to bring your lab coat and saftey glasses, which are mandetory in the pathology core areas. Also, please review the following procedure prior to your training session.

Parafin Embedding Station
Microtome User Information
Cryostat User Information
H&E Stainer Documents
Vibratome Training

Supply List & Catalogue #'s

Microtome Blades-Disposable 12 634 1C Pack 50/pack
Cryostat Blades-Disposable 126341F 20/pack
Superfrost Plus Slides 12 550 15 Case 16 Boxes/Case
Cover Glass 40X24mm 12 545D Case 10 boxes
Cover Glass 50X24mm 12 545F Case 10 boxes
Cytoseal XYL Xylene Based 4oz CA48212-196 Each