To Operate autostainer

  1. Turn on autostainer (right side).
  2. Make sure all solutions are topped up (and hematoxylin filtered if necessary).
  3. Remove all lids.
  4. Press “stain” and select desired program (1-15). (Instrument will initialize, but will not actually stain until you press load button).
  5. Open “load” drawer, insert rack with slides, and close again.
  6. Press “load” (the light beside load will now turn off and staining will begin). Make sure you follow directions on how to properly leave the autostainer!

When finished with autostainer

  1. Open up “exit” drawer, cover slides with lid that has holes in it to transfer with slide rack still inside, and remove entire container (transfer to fume hood for coverslipping).
  2. Press “exit” button (light will turn off). This lets the system know that the rack is done and removed.* *Note: if other programs are running it will think that there is a container there and drop the slides “dry” at the end.
  3. Replace the xylene with another one (there should be an extra xylene at the end of the autostainer).
  4. When finished coverslipping, put xylene container back at end of the counter beside the autostainer, and change the lid to one that does not have holes in it.