Dr. David Holdsworth

Robarts Research Institute where research brings discoveries and new technologies to clinical trial, to market, and ultimately, to you  faster.Dr. David Holdsworth and his team at Robarts Research Institute are building the first image facility of its kind in the world, with the capability of showing exactly how bones and joints move in relation to each other.

By using a virtual reality treadmill to simulate everyday activities and x-ray technology that can capture up to 30 frames per second, this state-of-the-art facility will open up possibilities for treatment and diagnosis that could revolutionize how orthopaedic surgeons work.

They are also building devices they hope will provide clues to developing treatments for conditions like osteoporosis, in which patients experience excessive bone loss. These devices will apply mechanical forces to bone cells while they are being observed under microsopy, so they can study exactly what is happening to the cell as it is being exposed to simulated exercise.