Andrew Pruszynski, PhD, receives Early Career Award

February 2, 2018 -  Congratulations to Robarts scientist Andrew Pruszynski, PhD, on receiving the inaugural Early Career Award from the Society for Neural Control of Movement (NCM).

Pruszynski studies the complex interactions between the mechanical properties of the body and a highly distributed neural circuit. His goal is to explain how the nervous system handles and exploits these interactions when moving the arm and manipulating objects with the hands

The Award recognizes outstanding contributions by scientists early in their careers that have significantly advanced our understanding of the neural control of movement.

“Pruszynski’s intellectual contributions have ranged from feedback control of the upper limb motion to how peripheral tactile neurons extract features during touch,” said Kathleen Cullen, PhD, Vice President and Program Chair, NCM, in an announcement.

Pruszynski will present the Early Career Lecture at NCM’s 2018 Annual Meeting in May.

Follow Pruszynski on Twitter: @andpru