Software and Computation



Echelon is an image guidance platform based on the Atamai Viewer, specifically designed specifically for real-time intracardiac IGS. A paired-down version of Echelon is licensed to NeoChord (under the name ‘NeoNav’) for use in their image guidance system.


The Peters' group members make extensive use of 3D Slicer ( for image segmentation, registration, fusion and processing. Applications include DTI analysis, image-guidance for cardiac and neurosurgery procedures, MR/ultrasound fusion, machine learning and more.


The VASST lab is equipped with considerable computing power. Current resources include:
  • several GPU-enabled workstation grade machines for image processing experimentation
  • two rack-mounted compute clusters with 4 NVIDIA Tesla® C2075 co-processors running Ubuntu linux
  • one rack-mounted computer cluster with 4 NVIDIA Tesla® C2075 co-processors running Microsoft® Windows 7