Phantoms and Prototyping


Our facilities include both manufactured and purchased phantoms including:

  • unique beating heart phantom (
  • skull covered brain phantom
  • mixed reality neurosurgery phantom
  • z-bar ultrasound calibration phantom
  • carotid artery and jugular vein phantom for central-line procedures
  • spine phantom for spinal duratomy procedures and epidural injection procedures
  • more...

Rapid Prototyping

The Peters lab has completely adopted 3D printing of plastic and metal as a method of decreasing the time required to iterate phantom and accessory design. Plastic printing includes an Objet30 Pro polyjet and an Ultimaker Extended Volume FDM using acrylic polymers, ABS and PLA. Metal printing includes a Sinterstation® Pro DM125 capable of additivly manufacturing stainless steel and cobalt chrome.