Translational Imaging Research Facility

The Translational Imaging Research Facility (TIRF) represents a unique resource for state-of-the-art imaging research. Major infrastructure includes a multi-nuclear-capable clinical MRI system (GE 3T MR750), and an insertable high-performance gradient system for micro-imaging of preclinical models. The facility is a valuable resource for multi-nuclear (non-hydrogen), conventional (hydrogen), and other advanced MR imaging methods.

Clinical Research

The main focus of clinical research includes multi-nuclear MR imaging of patients with lung diseases using hyperpolarized (3He & 129Xe) gases, as well as, evaluation of endogenous 23Na storage in human tissue of patients with kidney disease. Other supported clinical research projects at the TIRF focus on neuro-microvascular and neurodegenerative diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, MSK disorders, liver disease, and several industry sponsored clinical trials.

Non-Clinical Research

Non-clinical MR imaging studies include cellular and molecular imaging of tumours with novel contrast media (19F, 13C, and iron oxide nanoparticles) and development of MRI reporter gene systems for tracking cell and immunotherapies.


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