Medical Biophysics Graduate Courses (MRI Specialty):

There is really only one "required" graduate course for Medical Biophysics graduate students.  It is the Biophysics 513y seminar course.  It is described on the Medical Biophysics website. This seminar series is excellent preparation for students including giving them advice and guidelines for effective communications through posters and oral presentations.  It is excellent preparation for a thesis defence. 

There are four different courses for graduate students specializing in MR imaging of which three would be relevant for research within this group:

  1. Biophys 9662 (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) - a physics based course that is also an undergraduate course in the department of physics.  This course treats the basic physics behind NMR and MRI and is a prerequisite for Biophys 9663.
  2. Biophys 9663 is the follow up course to 9662.  The graduate calendar website describes it as an extension of the concepts of Biophys 9662 focusing on concepts of spatial data encoding, selective excitation, image contrast and image signal-to-noise ratio.  
  3. Biophys 9665 is the final course in this MRI series.  The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of advanced magnetic resonance pulse sequences and specialized methods used in clinical practice and research.  This course will require Biophys 9663 as a prerequisite.

These courses are taught by teams of MR imaging scientists and are very well received by the students.

More information on Medical Biophysics graduate courses can be found here.