The Molecular Imaging Group at the Robarts Research Institute was begun in January 2010 with initial financial support from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.  Currently, the group is comprised of Drs. Timothy Scholl (principal investigator), Francisco Martinez (research associate), and masters students Yonathan Araya, Patrick Lim and Justin Peterson.

This group is located in the second-floor imaging centre at the Robarts Research Institute. Our research has access to a 3T a General Electric Healthcare MR750 magnetic resonance scanner that has been fitted with multi-nuclear capabilities. In addition to the scanner, a list of important facilities and equipment include:

  • Oxford Instruments HyperSense dynamic nuclear polarizer
  • Two General Electric HeliSpin 3He polarizers
  • Two 129Xe flow polarizers for rodent imaging
  • Two Stelar field-cycled relaxometers for NMRD measurements
  • Oxford Instruments MQC Benchtop NMR spectrometer
  • High-performance gradient insert magnet for small animal imaging
  • Engineering laboratory for design and construction of RF hardware
  • Chemistry laboratory area for preparation of substrates for hyperpolarization