Streaming Images and Tracking Data

To stream ultrasound images and tracking data, follow these steps

  • Create an XML configuration file that specifies all the connected hardware to capture data from. This configuration file will be used by the PlusServer in the following step. Learn more.
  • Start PlusServerLauncher and connect to the configuration file you just created. Problems can be reported.
  • Launch 3D Slicer
    • Make sure that the SlicerIGT and SlicerOpenIGTLink extensions are installed through the extension manager (steps shown in Examples and demonstrations).
  • Select the OpenIGTLinkIF module from the IGT category and follow the following steps:

Figure 1: (1) Load the OpenIGTLinkIF module (via the SlicerOpenIGTLink extension), (2) add an IGT connector by clicking on the +, (3) enter the IP address of the server (machine running PlusServer). Make sure the port number is the same as the port you specified in your configuration file, (4) select active to activate the connection and receive real-time data.

Figure 2: To view the ultrasound images in Slicer, go to the Volume Reslice Driver module (within the IGT category). Under "Driver" choose the name of the image as specified in the configuration file running on the PlusServer. "Mode:" controls how the image will be displayed in Slicer, which must be set to "Transverse".