Plusserver Components

What is the PlusServer?

  • The Plus Server is a PlusLibrary application that captures data from connected hardware, and broadcasts it to clients that connect.
  • A server is a program that streams data from connected hardware such as an ultrasound system and/or tracking system.
    • This includes multiple transformations and only one image source per OpenIGTLink connection.
  • A client receives the data, which in this case is 3D Slicer.
  • The connection between the PlusServer and 3D Slicer is created through the OpenIGTLinkIF module.
  • The PlusServer can run on any computer that can access the data providing hardware. Some devices (ultrasounds, trackers, etc...) must be plugged in directly to the machine running Plus, and some devices are captured over a network.

What is the OpenIGTLinkIF module?

  • OpenIGTLinkIF is a module that provides communication between 3D Slicer and an OpenIGTLink server which can be running, for example, on a computer connected to an ultrasound scanner.
  • This module allows 3D Slicer to be a client and receive streaming data from external servers.