This website provides an overview of the 3D Slicer architecture and module development with a focus on image-guided therapy (IGT) scripted modules. There are two main components required to develop an IGT module, which are explained in detail in this blog: (1) a platform for data capture and broadcasting (commonly using the Plus library, PlusServer), and (2) the 3D SlicerIGT Extension to receive the broadcasted data in Slicer for further processing and visualization. Sample code is also provided for reference and to facilitate implementation of these modules.

How to navigate the website

The main page of this website is fully interactive. A description of each component in the charts below appears when the cursor is placed over it, and detailed explanations can be accessed by clicking on the components.

Common Acronyms

IGT: Image-guided therapy
MRML: medical reality modeling language
GUI: graphic user interface