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Core Facility

Dave Reese, MRT, R, MR
MRI Facility Manager/Technologist
MRI Bookings/Billings
519-931-5777 ext. 24109

Dr. Trevor Wade, PhD
Research Associate/MR Physicist
519-931-5777 ext. 24243

Dr. Paula Foster, PhD
Facility Co-Director
519-931-5777 ext. 24040

Dr. Timothy Scholl, PhD
Facility Co-Director
519-931-5777 ext. 20019

Mailing Address and Contact Information

Translational Imaging Research Facility
Robarts Research Institute
The University of Western Ontario
1151 Richmond St. North
London, Ontario Canada N6A 5B7

*All packages must be delivered to Dock # 50

Phone: 519-931-5777

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