Robarts Association of Trainees

The Robarts Association of Trainees (RATs) is an organization of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at Robarts Research Institute.

Mission Statement

Maintain open communication between students and academic mentors to foster an environment of both academic and professional development. With support from the Scientific and Executive Director, we work to promote inter-disciplinary collaboration to broaden our continued learning while supporting a balanced and healthy student lifestyle.


RATs works to organize a variety of events with focus ranging from educational to professional development to social. The keystone event organized annually by RATs is the Robarts Research Symposium. This one-day conference brings together Robarts trainees to showcase oral and poster presentations of their recent research accomplishments. Each year, the Symposium includes an honourary presentation from an invited guest speaker.

2018-2019 Trainee Representatives

Sanna Abbasi, PhD candidate, Biochemistry
Ben Corrigan, PhD candidate, Neuroscience
Jacqueline Dron, PhD candidate, Biochemistry
Shany Lahan, PhD candidate, Neuroscience
Nadya Morrow, MSc candidate, Biochemistry
Nivin Nyström, MSc candidate, Medical Biophysics
Jessica Rodgers, PhD candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Tian Duo Wang, MSc candidate, Medical Biophysics

For any inquiries or feedback, you can contact RATs at