Dr. Robert Hegele

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Dr. Hegele and his team have uncovered the genetic basis for various lipid abnormalities and othe ratheroscierosis risk factors using DNA sequencing. Dr. Hegele has also revealsed a common varient of andenylyl cyclase (the master regulator of cardiovascular function), isoform IV, which is linked to dramatic elevations in blood pressure.

Such findings, and countless others, have the potential to point drug developers toward promising new treatments like those Dr. Hegele is testing in Phase II and II clinical trials.

Dr. Hegele and his team are at the point where patients come in with cholesterol that's off the charts, and they are able to find the misprint in a gene that explains why. They are then able to offer them the opporunity to partiipate in a clinical trial of th isnew class of drugs.

Identification of new genes leads to new understanding of pathways for these diseases and is the first step in the development of new diagnostic methods and treatments.