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Robarts Scientists develop better tool for tracking MS

Imaging scientists at Robarts Research Institute have developed a better way to track the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS) from its... Read More

Scientists receive $1.3 million from Weston Brain Institute

Robarts Research Institute scientists Marco Prado, PhD, and Robert Bartha, PhD, are among the first to receive funding from the Weston Br... Read More

Dr. Feagan named a worldwide expert for Crohn’s disease

Dr. Brian Feagan has been named by Expertscape as one of the five foremost experts in the world for Crohn’s disease. Dr. Feagan is... Read More

In Memoriam – Dr. John MacDonald

It is with sadness that we share that Dr. John F. MacDonald passed away on April 22. Dr. MacDonald was one of Canada's pre-eminent ne... Read More

Cell Tracking Symposium

Join us for this inaugural Symposium showcasing the research of world leaders in the field of in vivo MRI cell tracking.... Read More

Eyeing heart a new way offers hope to stroke victims

An inexpensive tool for assessing arteries inside the head may detect a potentially dangerous hole within the heart of some patients with... Read More

Clinical trial supports new treatment for Crohn's

February 19, 2014 – The final results from an international clinical trial involving nearly 2,000 patients with Crohn’s disea... Read More

Researchers find COPD device makes breathing easier

A new device designed to help people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other mucus producing lung diseases... Read More

Research reveals therapeutic target for Huntington’s disease

Research from Robarts Research Institute has revealed a possible new target for treating movement disorders such as Huntington&rs... Read More

Imaging research aids in diagnosis of MS

Imaging research from Robarts Research Institute has demonstrated that a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)... Read More