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Taylor Prize videos online

Thank you to all who attended the J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine Symposium and Cardiovascular Research Public Forum on N... Read More

Working together to advance detection of lung disease

Using unique imaging techniques, Professor Grace Parraga, PhD, and her team at Robarts Research Institute are able to detect the earliest... Read More

Celebrating Robarts Leadership in Innovation

Robarts Research Institute's leadership in innovation and research was celebrated on November 18. With a focus on cardiovascular heal... Read More

CRC renewed for Stephen Ferguson

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry professor and Robarts Research Institute scientist Stephen Ferguson had his Tier 1 Canada Res... Read More

Robarts team to share in $1.5 million team grant

Marco and Vania Prado of Robarts Research institute will share in funding announced by Brain Canada for five Multi-Investigator Research... Read More

Linking high school students with researchers

Shiv Sharma will be looking at tumour antigen expression on breast cancer cells at Robarts Research Institute this fall. He’s not a... Read More

Increased iron in the brain in earliest stages of MS

While it’s been known for over a century that iron deposits in the brain play a role in the pathology of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), n... Read More

Protective pathway identified to counter toxicity associated with Alzheimer’s disease

New research led by Marco Prado, PhD, of Western University has identified a pathway used by the brain to try to protect itself from toxi... Read More

Damien Pike receives international research prize

Damien Pike, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, has received an international research prize... Read More

Peggy Vandervoort receives Award of Excellence

Congratulations Peggy Vandervoort on receiving the Western Award of Excellence. The internal award is designed to recognize the t... Read More