Neurobehavioral Core Facility

The Robarts Research Institute Neurobehavioral Core Facility (NCF) was established to provide Western University and the external research community with access to equipment, software and services for the performance of behavioral experiments in mouse models.
The NCF is equipped to house experimental subjects for long term studies. Mice may be imported directly into the NCF pending approval of their health status. Husbandry services are provided by ACVS technical staff in strict adherence to UCAC policies and in a manner consistent with maintaining the integrity of the behavioral data collected. Our 5 behavioral suites are directly accessible from our housing rooms. An on-line booking system is available to registered users.
Laboratories interested in performing their own experiments are provided with basic protocols and general instruction by appointment. Dr. Marco Prado is available for consultation with investigators new to the design and implementation of behavioral assays. Alternatively, NCF technical staff is available to perform experiments on an hourly fee-for-service basis. Brief descriptions of currently available experiments can be found in the links below. Potential users should feel free to contact the NCF Director, Dr. Marco Prado - mprado@robarts and the NCF Manager, Matthew Cowan - with any questions.
Facility Director: Dr. M. Prado
Facility Manager: Matthew Cowan

Sensorimotor Function | Cognition & Learning | General Activity & Anxiety-like Behaviour