Marco Prado receives funding from Alzheimer Society

Marco Prado, PhD, has received an Alzheimer Society Research Program (ARSP) Research Grant from the Alzheimer Society of Canada.
The grant will provide the Robarts scientist with more than $145,000 in funding over two years and supports his research into the basic biological mechanisms of the disease. The specific project is titled Mechanisms of anti-cholinergic activity mediated dementia and Alzheimer’s pathology.
"In Alzheimer’s disease, brain cholinergic circuits fail and cause a domino effect in brain regions that are important for learning and memory," Prado explained. "We will use animal models to understand the cause of this domino effect and will test new ways to correct this failure."
For Prado, support from organizations like the Alzheimer Society is essential in funding innovative research in the field. "Let’s make sure that aging does not mean losing one’s identity," he said. “This type of support from the Alzheimer Society can lead to ‘out of the box’ solutions for one of the most pressing public health issues facing the aging population in Canada.”