Let’s talk research

Community members came together for a unique opportunity at Robarts Research Institute this spring - the Discover Robarts Community Presentation Series.
Led by Robarts researchers, attendees got an inside look at the fascinating and world-renowned medical research taking place in their own backyard.
The second annual event was a big hit, satisfying an innate sense of curiosity for many in the audience.
Ted Mackichan, a local high school teacher, left an April 9 talk on Alzheimer’s research feeling inspired and energized.
“I take a lot of this information back to the classroom, to share with my students. They find it fascinating,” he explained. “These researchers are doing cutting edge work that just blows me away.”
The innovative research on display included neurodegenerative diseases, imaging technology for improved cancer diagnoses and surgical application, and heart disease risk factors. Rob Bartha, PhD, Dr. Ross Feldman, Aaron Fenster, PhD, Terry Peters, PhD, and Jane Rylett, PhD participated as speakers.
The scientists prepared presentations that overviewed their research on an accessible and relatable level.
Terry and Linda McBride are dedicated community supporters of this research, having also attended the Mini Medical School series at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry for many years. “There’s a tremendous amount of effort and challenge and joy that goes into this work that just exudes from the researchers,” said Mr. McBride. “I learn so much every time I come.”
“It’s fun to be part of the mystery,” he added.
The Discover Robarts series also appealed to Grade 12 student Katarina Hogan. A teacher passed along the opportunity to come and listen to the sessions, as a way for students to appreciate the possibilities in studying science. “I’m exploring different careers and seeing what I’m interested in,” Katarina explained.  “I want to someday help to solve research problems in the medical field.”
With almost 100 registrations for each of the four sessions, Discover Robarts is becoming a must-attend event for the London community.
Please enjoy an online photo gallery from the April 9 presentation, featuring Jane Rylett, PhD, and Robert Bartha, PhD.