Internal Newsletter - 2017 Editions


November 2017   DISCOVER | NOV 2017

Read the November edition of DISCOVER and view photos from the 2017 Leaders in Innovation Dinner and J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine Symposium, learn about the collaborative research undertaken by Robarts trainees Dante Capaldi and John Baxter, and meet Robarts scientists Tim Bussey, PhD, and Lisa Saksida, PhD. Read More


October 2017   DISCOVER | OCT 2017

Read the October edition of DISCOVER and learn more about V. Wee Yong, PhD, the 2017 Taylor Prize recipient, meet MSc Candidate Allison Dilliott, and discover the team of researchers exploring multiple sclerosis from all angles. Read More


September 2017   DISCOVER | SEPT 2017

Read the September edition of DISCOVER and meet PhD Candidate Charmainne Cruje, read about the successes of See the Line, and learn more about the latest research and funding accomplishments. Read More


June 2017   DISCOVER | JUNE 2017

Read the May edition of DISCOVER and learn more about scientist John Ronald's gene-based approach to cancer detection, meet MESc candidate Claire Vannelli, and read about the eight Robarts trainees who received Internal Graduate Awards. Read More


May 2017   DISCOVER | MAY 2017

Read the May edition of DISCOVER and meet PhD candidate Tomi Nano, learn more about the all-star athlete panel at See the Line, and read about the research studies making international headlines this month. Read More


April 2017  DISCOVER | APR 2017

Read the April edition of DISCOVER and learn about the MRI Winter School hosted by the Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping, meet Robarts trainee Alex Major, and celebrate the latest award recipients. Read More


March 2017  DISCOVER | MAR 2017

Read the March edition of DISCOVER and learn about how Daniel Gelman, PhD Candidate, is robotics to solve real world clinical problems, discover the inaugural Brainhack Western event, and view photos from Governor General David Johnston's visit to Robarts. Read More



Read the February edition of DISCOVER and learn about the latest commercial venture that is enhancing surgical training, meet MSc candidate Terenz Escartin, and discover more about a new exhibit featuring Dr. Henry Barnett and the history of Robarts Research Institute. Read More


   DISCOVER | JAN 2017

Read the January edition of DISCOVER and watch the lastest video in the series highlighting research at Robarts, meet Ashley Makela, PhD Candidate, learn more about Dr. Lena Palaniyappan's mental health research, and read about the Henry Barnett memorial event. Read More