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Dr. Derek Boughner has been at University Hospital since it opened its doors in 1972 and over the last four decades has contributed the hospital’s rich history of excellence in cardiology. Dr. Boughner, a Robarts scientist and cardiologist, was honoured with a 2014 Dean’s Award of Excellence to recognize his many contributions to the field. Read More


Exploring new use for polypills
Robarts scientists are developing a study to test a new polypill for diabetes. The idea is that by combining several drugs into one pill, it will be easier for patients to manage their medication. Read more


A better way to track MS
What if an MRI scan could detect damage caused by multiple sclerosis at an early stage? Ravi Menon, PhD, and his team are finding ways to do just that. Read more via


Helping those who feel helpless
Eric Kints is the owner of the family-run business, Huron Produce. A recent donation was motivated in part by his very personal connection to neurodegenerative disease, but also because of a desire to help those who feel helpless. Read more





Inheritance of rare functional GCKR variants and their contribution to triglyceride levels in families.
Rees MG, Raimondo A, Wang J, Ban MR, Davis MI, Barrett A, Ranft J, Jagdhuhn D, Waterstradt R, Baltrusch S, Simeonov A, Collins FS, Hegele RA, Gloyn AL.

A bronchoscopic navigation system using bronchoscope center calibration for accurate registration of electromagnetic tracker and CT volume without markers.
Luo X.

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Cell Tracking Symposium
June 20 | 10:00 a.m.

Faculty & Staff BBQ
July 17 | 12:00 p.m.

See the Line Concussion Symposium
August 13
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Robert Bartha, PhD
Turino & Milan, Italy

Rob Bartha shares his experiences of a recent trip to two imaging conferences in Italy. Read More


Scientists recieve $1.8 million from Weston Brain Institute
Robarts Research Institute scientists Marco Prado, PhD, and Robert Bartha, PhD, are among the first to receive funding from the Weston Brain Institute, established with $50 million in funding from the W. Garfield Weston Foundation. Read more

Heart and Spokes
Thank you to everyone who attended the Robarts Heart and Spokes waffle breakfast. We raised $494 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Scott Runnalls was the 50/50 draw winner and the
Treasure Chest winner was Dr. Hess. Dr. Huff, Dr. Gros and Dr. Hess agreed to a waffle in the face to the treasure chest with the most tickets. Click here for photos from the event.

Greg Dekaban becomes a Grandpa x 3
Join us in congratulting Greg Dekaban on the arrival of his three new grandchildren - Evan, Brooke and Claire - born May 8, 2014. The triplets are doing well.

Discover Newsletter summer break
The Discover Newsletter will break for the month of July and will be back monthly starting in August. We look forward to continuing to bring you the latest Institute news and hope that you will continue to share your stories, achievements and updates with us.

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