London Regional Cell and In Vitro Molecular Imaging

Confocal Microscopy at Robarts is a key component of the London Regional Cell and In Vitro Molecular Imaging Facility. The technique of Confocal Microscopy uses fluorescent tags and laser technology to allow scientists to visualize and quantify the localization of specific molecules within the living cell. The molecular imaging facility at Robarts includes three Zeiss laser scanning microscope systems: LSM 510 META, LSM 510 META/ConfoCor2, and LSM 510 META – NLO.
The facility operates as a multi-user resource and is available to all researchers at the University as well as the entire research community within the region.
The facility was established in 1999 by Dr. Stephen Ferguson and has gone through significant expansion over the years under his direction. It has grown from a single confocal microscope within a 100 sq ft room to a multi-site facility with 6 fluorescence imaging systems, a digital imaging laboratory and an on-site cell culture facility.

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