Bill and Joan Shipman

Bill and Joan Shipman shared a great love for more than 25 years. Growing up across the street from one another, they reunited later in life rekindling a special friendship and marrying. Sadly, Joan struggled with Alzheimer’s Disease in the last years of her life. Ever committed, Bill remained at her side providing her with every comfort he could. Before she became ill, together, they agreed to direct a portion of their estate to causes that were important to them. One of those was Western. When Joan passed away, Bill could think of no better way to honour her memory than by directing the planned gift to support Alzheimer’s Disease research at Robarts Research Institute.
A Western alumnus, Shipman studied psychology in the 1940’s. He was very active as an undergraduate student, participating in the debate society and representing the University at intercollegiate competitions. His real passion was psychology and early on in his academic studies he undertook some interesting research projects with one in particular focussing on the football team delving into different theories on morale. Shipman received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1954 and immediately began a research career in psycho-physiology. He had the good fortune to work with top research institutes and schools in the United States.
It was a move back to London that brought Shipman back together with Joan, and they were inseparable from that point on. Long-time supporters of Western, they participated in numerous events and activities over the years. Today, he continues to attend the Senior Alumni program and is an avid reader of the Alumni Gazette. And he plans to continue “energetically” supporting Western, having seen the tremendous impact of his past support.