7T Research Begins


August 24, 2009 - The 7 Tesla (7T) functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging system – the most powerful of its kind in Canada – was delivered and installed at Robarts in September of 2008. After extensive testing and calibration the 7T is now online and ready to be used in cutting edge research.The 7T weighs 27.5 tonnes – a figure that equals the approximate weight of five, full-grown African bull elephants.  Manufactured in England, the magnet travelled by ship to Canada. On Wednesday, a crane will gently lift the magnet into its new home at the Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping, housed in the A.M. Cuddy Wing at Robarts Research Institute. “This will bring Robarts a unique ability in Canada to study brain function,” said Ravi Menon, Canada Research Chair in Functional and Molecular Imaging at the Robarts Research Institute and Professor of Medical Biophysics, Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Physics and Psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario. “London with the Western/Robarts Centre for Brain and Mind already has an international reputation for neurology and neuropsychology research, and this new magnet will enhance our research capacity in these fields.” That research includes Alzheimer’s disease, mental illness, stroke, and many other devastating illnesses.