Occupational Health and Safety

Welcome to Robarts Occupational Health and Safety.

WHMIS 2015 

Safety Checklist for New Robarts Workers

This page provides key contact names for both Robarts and Western safety resources as well as quick and easy access to information, updates, and forms.



Facilities and Biological Safety

Contact: Tony Hammoud - ahammoud@uwo.ca – ext. 88730


  • Biosafety & Hazardous Materials Safety
  • Hazardous materials emergencies
  • Containment Level 2 inspections and permits
  • Biosafety issues
  • Biosafety forms such as the Biohazardous Agents Permit Application (BAPA)
  • Personal protective equipment for using biological agents
  • Safety questions relating to autoclave and biological safety cabinets (BSC)
  • Concerns regarding indoor air quality


Contact: Ron Vander – ronv@robarts.ca – ext. 24111


  • Construction and renovations
  • Pandemic supplies
  • Fume Hood Calibrations and BSC Certifications


Nuclear, Radiation and Imaging Safety

Contact: Ryan Das - rdas22@uwo.ca – ext. 84746


  • Nuclear Radiation, Laser Safety and X-ray Safety Programs
  • Import or export of nuclear substances
  • Emergencies related to radiation sources. Investigation of radiological accidents.
  • Hazardous materials management (disposal)
  • Drug and other controlled substances disposal


Contact: Zachary Klassen - zklassen@robarts.ca – ext. 24244


  • Robarts Radiation Badge Exchange Program
  • Disposal of radioactive material – monitoring during transportation to the dock


Laboratory Safety

Contact: Anne Marie McCusker - amccuske@uwo.ca – ext. 84741

  • Chemical Safety
  • HECHMET chemical inventory
  • Personal Protective Equipment for using Chemicals
  • Laboratory Safety Queries, Inspections and Audits
  • Hazardous materials management (use, storage)
  • Training and courses


Well-being (Rehabilitation & Ergonomics)

Contact: Renee Uruski - ruruski2@uwo.ca ext. 84742


  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Remain at Work Programs
  • Return to Work Assessment, Planning, Implementation & Evaluation
  • Work Accommodation & Supportive Counselling Services


Accident/Incident Investigation reports and follow-up https://uwo.ca/hr/safety/topics/accident.html

All Accident Illness Incident Reports (AIIR) are to be faxed to ext. 83420


Respiratory Program

Contact – Tammy Johnson - tammy.johnston@uwo.ca


  • Respirator (N95) fit testing - please forward all requests by email


Other General Safety

Contact: Zachary Klassen - zklassen@robarts.ca – ext . 24244


  • Glassware / Autoclave
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Hazardous waste disposal program
  • First-aid inquires and supplies